Psychology of Scars and How They Affect People

We all have scars be they emotional, physical or psychological and they will all affect people in different ways. The emotions surrounding the physical scars can also leak over into the emotional and psychological and cause people significant self image issues and lower self confidence. Scars and Attractiveness But is it always the case that […] Read more »

Energy Drinks: The Physical and Psychological Effects

Energy Drinks: The Physical and Psychological Effects

Over the past few years energy drinks have been growing steadily in popularity, particularly among the younger generation and they can have both positive and negative side effects. I am going to be honest, I am sitting here right now with an empty can of energy drink resting next to me. I find that it […] Read more »

100 Amazing Psychology Facts

Amazing Psychology Facts

1. Fat – Posting a calorie chart in fast food restaurants leads people to choose less healthy foods. 2. Fatherhood – Expectant fathers can sometimes experience a sympathetic pregnancy where they have symptoms like back ache, weight gain, strange food cravings and nausea. This has also been found to happen in some species of monkey. 3. Alcohol […] Read more »