Is Your Relationship a Lie?

Have a think about your partner at the moment and consider the positives and negatives about them. I’m assuming you came up with more positives than negatives otherwise you wouldn’t still be in a relationship but the thing is are those positives really good or are you turning them in to good traits? A study […] Read more »

Neuroeconomics: The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour and Purchasing Decisions

I’m going to start this article by posing a question, how much would you pay for a cool refreshing beverage after 2 days in the desert with no fluids? An extreme situation but the point I’m trying to make is that the reason the answer to that question is ‘ANYTHING!’ is because humans aren’t always […] Read more »

The Top Five Psychopaths in History

The Top Five Psychopaths in History

This list would be so much easier to write if we were allowed fictional characters: Hannibal Lecter; Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty; Norman Bates and his motel; plus many, many, more. The fact that there are so many psychopaths portrayed in film, TV and literature suggests that there is a degree of fascination with this extreme […] Read more »